muli-color bracelet for Mother's Day  

It took me years and years to appreciate all the things my mother said and did, and really, I’m not sure I’m there yet…

“Honey, did you remember your jacket,”

“What do you mean you got a ‘B’, You’re not a ‘B’ student, Did you go talk to him? You go talk to him. Do you want me to go and talk to him?”


“So go already! You might meet somebody.”  

Ah, the nagging. Mothers and nagging are like wine and cheese, they just go together, and we love them for it, I think. What is for sure is that Mother’s Day is May 8th, and this is the day to tell Mom that we love her for all she does. Simply put, there is no one else like her on the planet.


At Metal & Stone Fine Jewelers in Nyack we have unique gifts that your mom will love and cherish for years. Here are some fabulous ideas to tell Mom,

“Thank you, I really couldn’t do it without you.”


Is your mom sentimental? For many mothers the meaning behind something is just as important as the piece of jewelry. For example, you could get Mom a ring that has your birthstone and hers intertwined in a beautiful platinum band. The designer Satya makes amazing symbolic jewelry. One of our favorites is the Tree of Life stud earrings in gold. The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol for stability, strength and wisdom. Mothers help their children climb the tree and reach their potential.

      Satya Tree Earings

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Bracelets are a fantastic Mother’s Day present because they symbolize the circle of love you have for Mom and they are something she can quickly put on to enhance any outfit. Bracelets are also an overlooked category for gift giving. Is your mother is one of those people who seems to have everything already? Then a bracelet is a great gift. Bracelets look great worn in multiples and/or mixed and matched.

18kt bangle

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We are so excited to now carry the designs of Lika Behar! The designs are strong, unique and bold. Lika Behar was born and lives in Istanbul and her designs capture the ancient beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Raised in a family of coin dealers, Lika’s designs meld ancient artisanship with modern femininity to produce dazzling works of art. Her designs are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day because they embody the strength and beauty of motherhood throughout time.

ANC-B-630-GXDHammered Bracelet by Lika Bihar

This Black Rutie bracelet is modern and beautiful, the perfect gift for the mother who has everything!

black stone bracelet

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Charm necklaces are a great way to create a gift that is fun and meaningful. Team up with your siblings to give your mother multiple charms and a gift she will cherish for years. Charm necklaces are also fantastic because you can give Mom a new charm for her birthday and another for next Mother’s Day and so on, giving her a present that just grows and grows.

  Diamond Girl Charm

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