Garavelli with A Little Chaos Collection Bracelet  : We wanted to make a statement about life.  And we wanted to express our understanding of the beauty, the peaks and valleys, the choices, the paths we follow, and finally how we end up where we are today.  Because that is what life is about.  We almost called our bracelet, “The Wave”, because of the ups and downs we all experience, but that didn’t fully describe life and one’s journey through it.  You start with a vision and you go down that road, but something happens and you end up going down a different road.  After a while, you find yourself doing something totally different than what you set out to do.  And in the end, you look back on all that happened, and see that what you created is a beautiful work of art. Something that you can touch and feel.  Something that connects us all.  A beautiful experience you can share with everyone.  We added the brightness of diamonds in contrast to the black gold because after all the chaos, the work and passion, we see the beauty of life and we want to focus on that.  And so, our winning bracelet could go by no other name than, “A Little Chaos”.