Amazing engagment ring
Nyack is breathtaking in spring. The air is fresh and the flowers are blooming, love is in the air. There is no better time to propose and there is no better place to find the perfect engagement ring than Metal & Stone Fine Jewelers in Nyack New York.
Propose in Nyack New York

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Give an Engagement Ring as Radiant as She Is

Choosing an engagement ring is not an easy task. You will need to consider your fiancée’s style, lifestyle and expectations. She is the love of your life so it’s important to get this right. Metal & Stone has been helping men choose the right engagement ring since 1993. We know all the questions to ask and we are able to work within almost any budget. Our focus is on you so that you can focus on her…what to say, where to propose, and whether or not you should kneel. Amazing engagment ring  

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Build a Unique Engagement Ring

At Metal & Stone, each engagement ring is as unique as the woman who will own it. We have a variety of different mounts to pair with a diamond, selected for its own qualities. Each ring is a one-of-a-kind creation. Today there are a variety of diamond shapes to choose from including cushion, princess, marquise, pear, heart, square and emerald. Fancy Colored Diamonds, diamonds that come in stunning colors such as pink, blue and canary yellow, are also very popular. Come into the store and we will show you all the different types of stones that are available and educate you as to what is the best value in a diamond and why you should buy one stone over another for your fiancée. Build an Unique Engagement Ring for the one you LOVE!  

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Nyack is Better than Anywhere

in New York City

We all know it, Nyack is a better place to live than anywhere in New York City. Nyack is so close to New York yet we also have all the advantages of a small town. Metal & Stone is one of Nyack‘s advantages. We are a small town jeweler, we care about our customers and we work with our clients for years. Unlike most of the jewelers in the city, we focus on selling you the RIGHT engagement ring rather than just selling you a ring. An added advantage is that we are so close to the city, that we can provide you with almost anything New York has to offer. We always get the best for our customers and insist that you and she are thrilled with the engagement ring you buy from our store. Enagagement Rings to Die For!  

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